Graal Online Classic


hey! my new and completely awful graal male head edit. this will also be featured on the graal heads page for easier access 😀 Credits to the original owner!

Before: head 1 male   After: head 1 male complete


———————————————————————————————————————–Hey, my names Nyan and I’ve been given the privilege to be an admin on this website. You can also find me on NyanGraal, Meowie&NyanGfx and WhatMyFudge. I’m basically a gfx artist who is currently learning how to create Graal heads & bodies from scratch. I`ve also grown to understand how to make hats/shields/cc bodies and gif heads. I`ll be working on swords and melees soon c: If I`m allowed I might post my crappy gfx on this page ;u; Below is my GraalOnline Classic profile!
Sadly I’ve been banned for 2k hours :c I’ll replace this photo when I’m unbanned


Get to know me on graal!


Hey Guys! I’m agility, the founder of this website. Most people that I hire on this site will be from graal. So I decided to make you familiar with me, if you don’t already know me of course. I’m Agility, My profile pic is below, hope to see you all on graal! Cya~



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